Founded in 2009, Genji Comics is an American comics producer and publisher for original American comics and Manga.

Our Creations

The Dreamhoppers™

Evolving from their harmonious fascination with the synchronicity between the dream world, real world and the Universe, Dreamhoppers is an action adventure about the supernatural powers given to certain people known as Dreamhoppers. These guardians of the Dreamworld can transform their human forms into fantasy characters and enter dreams in order to save one from the evils in the Dreamworld. It’s written and illustrated by a famous illustrator Travis Moore, and produced and published with Laizen Comics.

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The Vortex Adventures™

The Vortex Adventures™ is an action, adventure, sci-fi comics series about supernatural cosmos agents saving different vortexes in the Universe from an evil empire to dominate the cosmos. It’s written by Claudia Hallowell and illustrated by a famous illustrator MinoMiyabi.

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Hi, Boys and Girls ♥

My name is Morgan Fisher, one of the supernatural heroes from The Dreamhoppers. I’m very grateful to be created by our wonderful human creators.

I only exist in the virtual world, but please buy us at our shop so you can check me out AND all of my friends do some cool things in our world!

See ya!

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