Dreamhoppers is an action adventure about the supernatural powers given to certain people known as Dreamhoppers. Evolving from their harmonious fascination with the synchronicity between the dream world, real world and the Universe, these guardians of the Dreamworld can transform their human forms into fantasy characters and enter dreams in order to save one from the evils in the Dreamworld.


Ren Matsuo

Ren moves from Japan to New York to care for his ailing grandfather. His life changes more than he expected when he discovers he has special abilities in the world of dreams. he must learn to use these powers, and to discover the hero within himself, to thwart the evil plans of the creature Xibalba.

Tyler McMullen

Tyler is Morgan’s handsome and athletic boyfriend. He can often arrogant and insensitive, but he is driven by his reponsibilities as a dreamhopper. he wants very badly to be the group’s leader, a position threatened by his new rival, Ren.

Morgan Fisher

Morgan is an aspiring journalist who introduces Ren to the dream world. She became a dreamhopper when she was young in order to fight off the nightmares that haunted her dreams. She is now an expert at battling them. Although Tyler is her boyfriend, there is a growing attraction between her and Ren that both of them try to resist.

Lucy Hawkins

Lucy comes from a wealthy family, but is cut off when she goes against her father’s wishes by moving to New York to be a Broadway actress. her sudden lack of funds forces her to take in roommates. These new people wind up changing her life forever when they show her the powers of the Dreamworld.


Lula is a mysterious creature of the Dreamworld who befriends the Dreamhoppers when they rescue her from a Nightmare attack. She acts as their compass through the dreams, pointing them in the right direction in thier search for the Transaiom.

Peter Hawkins

Peter is Lucy’s rebellious brother from Los angeles. He is a free-spirit who sees New York as an opportunity for adventure and exciting new friendships. He gets his wish when he joins the others in the Dreamworld as a Dreamhoppers.


Xibalba is an evil creature who exists in the Dreamworld. Just as humans can visit the Dreamworld, creatures of the Dreamworld can visit the real world, but with greatly diminished powers. Xibalba’s goal is to obtain the Transaxiam, an ancient artifact that will allow him to enter the real world with all of his Dreamworld powers.

Haru Matsuo

Haru is the leader of the Matsuo dreamhopping clan. It is his destiny in life to battle evil entities within the Dreamworld. However, the creature Xibalba has captured Haru and taken his form in order to manipulate Haru’s grandson, Ren. Haru is helpless to stop the plot and must trust in Ren to carry on the family mission.


Travis Moore
Travis MooreWriter and Illustrator

Travis has worked extensively in the advertising industry, doing video game illustrations for companies such as Activition, Ubisoft, LucasArts, Namco, and Vivendi, as well as toy box illustrations for Hasbro, Mattel, and others. He has also worked on movie poster design for films such as Elizabethtown, Sideways, and X-Men. His artwork has appeared in the books of Kenser & Co., Gurdians of Order, and Fantasy Flight. Travis’s primary love, however, is comics, and he has done work for clients such as DC and Marvel, including Wonder Woman, Countdown to Adventure, JSA All-Stars, Adventure Comics and Freedom Fighters.

Nia Lyte
Nia LyteProducer

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Nia Lyte is a TED Talk speaker, producer and author. She is a President & C.O.O. of The Shinca Group responsible for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations of its entertainment and international consulting businesses in the U.S., Japan and Colombia. She became a published author of a book called “The Power of Your Inner Beauty”, distributed nationwide in English and Japanese at the Barnes & Noble and Amazon. She is a co-founder and President of Koyamada International Foundation (KIF), a 501c3 nonprofit organization, with its offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo and Bogotá. Nia is Sister Cities International country representative for Colombia, Women in Cable Telecommunications Southern California Board of Directors.

Shin Koyamada
Shin KoyamadaProducer

Shin is an actor, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Koyamada became best known to global audiences after his co-starring roles in the Warner Bros. blockbuster Tom Cruise film The Last Samurai, with a worldwide box office of $456 million. He became first Japanese to star in the Disney Channel worldwide hit television movie Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior, which had over 5.7 million viewers at its premiere, making it one of the highest viewed Disney Channel movies in the United States and the highest rated kids channel in Europe, U.K. and Japan. Since its Hollywood debut in 2003, Koyamada has appeared in many award-winning American movies and television shows.


The Dreamhoppers: Issue #1

  • Creators and Story
    • Travis Moore
    • Nia Lyte
    • Shin Koyamada
  • Writer and Illustrater
    • Travis Moore
  • Inker, Colorist and Penciler
    • Travis Moore
  • Publisher and Distributor
    • Laizen Comics
    • Genji Comics


Founded in 2009, Laizen Comics is an American comics producer, publisher and distributor. It is a joint venture between Travis Moore and Genji Comics of Shinca Entertainment.

Laizen Comics was responsible for producing and publishing the Dreamhoppers in many different independent comics stores throughout the United States. The Dreamhoppers was also distributed as a VIP gift to thousands of comic-con fans in Okinawa, Japan.

Official site – http://laizen.com